Security Solutions
Morey Security is able to offer custom specialist design security solutions to suit your needs. The custom design is then implemented and installed by our expert installers. Contact us today for your obligation free consultation.
Intruder Detection Systems (Alarm Systems).
An Intruder detection system is made up of an alarm system and detection devices. There are many brands of alarm system and many and varied detection devices available on the market, and Morey Security can offer a system that most suites your needs.

Detection devices or security sensors come in different varieties, including movement sensors, door sensors, window sensors, and exterior beams, these sensors in different combinations can make up interior or perimeter intruder detection systems.

Interior detection systems are usually made up of motion sensors inside the premises and are commonly only useful when you go away from the premises.

Perimeter detection systems are usually made up of door sensors, window sensors, and photo electric beams whichever is most suitable for the site and can be used even when still inside the premises.

A combination system has both interior and perimeter detection devices and offers a better level of security to the site.

When the alarm system is activated (armed or turned on) and an intruder is detected by one of the sensors (detection devices), the system will activate local sirens and blue flashing strobe lights, and if the system is monitored will notify the monitoring centre of the intrusion, whom in turn will notify the nominated contacts and authorities.
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Monitoring Services.
Morey Security recommends the use of professional 24 hour monitoring services. Our Monitoring Centre has been graded at the highest level of A1 and complies to the strictest levels of the Australian Standards AS2201 for Control Room Monitoring.

Methods of Monitoring
- Dialler Monitoring
The alarm system dialler is connected to the premises existing analogue phone line, and makes calls via a premium line number to the monitoring centre.
This is currently by far the most common form of monitoring being used in Australia, and is best suited for low to medium security risks, due to the suseptibility of faults and damage to phone lines. The increasing popularity of digital phone lines and the ongoing roll out of the NBN, has seen this method  quickly becoming obselete from incompatibility issues.
- IP (Internet) Monitoring
Your secuirty system connects and communicates to our monitoring centre via the internet. This method of communcations relies on the internet connection and internet hardware being operational to communicate. Back up communications via GPRS can be added to allow more reliable connectivity.
- GPRS Monitoring.
This is communications via the cellular data network similar to that of your mobile phone. Communication path integrity checks can be carried out once every 24 hours or as often as once every 90 seconds for high risk high security sites. GPRS can offer multi cellular network paths and even back up to IP or dialler for more redundancies for the communications.
Advantages of Monitoring
An alarm system can be installed so that it is not monitored and only sets off local sirens when an intruder is detected, it could also be installed so that it rings or texts a mobile number. However this does not guarentee a response, what if the mobile is flat, has no service, you are away, or if the alarm only has sirens  and does not call anywhere, who will investigate? In all probablilty, no one.

If the alarm system is monitored professionally at a 24 hour staffed monitoring centre, then there is always someone there to receive the notification of an alarm event. The centre will then act according to the instructions that had been layed down by you when the system was setup or according to a tempoary instruction setup for when you are away. This could include calling a relative, neighbour or a guard to investigate as well as police if needed.

Many insurance companies give premium discounts if the alarm is professionally monitored
(Please check with your insurance provider)
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Access Control Systems.
Access control is the technology to restrict or allow access to buildings or rooms within a building to staff or visitors to the site.

Morey Security has access to, and utilises different products dependent on the sites requirements.
Access Control systems reduce exposure for your premises, assets, and personell, to potential risks by blocking out the unwanted.

Access control can be added to virtually anything that opens and closes, such as roller doors, gates, auto doors, and vehicle control gates.

Access can be controlled by electronic locks, readers, keypads, timers, management software, intercom systems, and third party interfaces such as fire panels.

Management software combined with your access control system allows manual overide, reporting functions, and personell priviledges control.
Access Control Brands
CS Technologies                     Tecom Challenger
HID                                        Presco
Paxton                                   Rosslare
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CCTV Camera Systems.
Morey Security can design, supply, install, and maintain CCTV Camera System to your home or business in Perth and throughout Regional WA.
Recently,  CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Camera Systems have been increasingly more popular in Perth homes and businesses to protect people, property, and belongings. Video from individual cameras can be digitally recorded and accessed easily through simple user interfaces.

Our experienced staff can recommend the right cameras and recording systems to best suit your requirements, whether you want to deter intruders, or for loss prevention, or protect your staff or family, we can tailor a solution that meets your needs.
We have access to, and use the latest CCTV cameras which include high definition analogue and digital network IP cameras.
Morey Security is across all areas of CCTV advancements and can provide you a solution most suited to your needs, Contact us today for more information
Analogue Camera systems.
Analogue camera are attached to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), and this in turn can be connected to a network to allow the cameras live or recorded video to be viewed remotely on a computer or a Smart Phone.
Analogue cameras have seen great advances in video quality pushing them into the area of ultra high definition keeping them in high demand as an alternative to networked or IP cameras.
Network or IP Cameras
These cameras are connected to your premises internal IT network which in turn connectes to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) that could be in a different building from the cameras. Management software allows remote viewing of the cameras live footage or the stored footage from the NVR by computer and by smart phone app. Network cameras can have images upto 30 mega pixels in quality producing ultra clear images that can be zoomed in for greater clarity of a scene.
(IP cameras can be setup on its own closed/stanalone network if required)
Cameras come in all sorts of shapes and sizes in both analogue and network varieties.
Full body and Dome cameras in both internal and external vandal resistant models, that can be fitted with fixed lens or variable focal lenses that allow adjustment of picture on setup. They can be day/night allowing vision in normal day and normal low light conditions, and can even be infra red allowing vision in 0 light levels.
Pan tilt zoom cameras allow the manual control of the camera with a remote like controller allowing the operator to turn, and zoom a camera onto a specific area of interest.

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Intercom Systems.
When thinking about your site overall security solution, do not over look the importance of an intercom system. The intercom system not only acts as a door bell but as an early notification as to who is at the door before the door is even opened, allowing confirmation of a visitor before allowing access.

Intercom System Features available on different models
(note: not all models have all features)
- Multiple door / gate stations
- Multiple room stations
- Room to room calling
- Audio only or Video and Audio.
- Handsfree or Handset
- Touchscreen room stations
- Can be combined with simple access control or integrated to an access control system
- Door unlocking functions from inside room station
- Access code or prox key at door /gate stations to allow occupant access
- Can be combined with an existing telephone system
- Can be combined with an existing IP network
- Can run on cellular networks
- Apartment building versions available

Morey Security can design, install, and maintain your intercom system.

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